Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2017-2018

Our days start with truth, beauty, and goodness in our Morning Basket. I post monthly updates on what we're studying on my Instagram account - Dinner on a Bunsen Burner. I always include hymn study, poetry, Scripture reading, and Scripture memorization. I alternate artist and composer studies monthly. We also run through our Classical Conversations' memory work one time. You can read more about how we use CC at home here.

A note on our curriculum choices - I do not post the level of a certain curriculum our son uses. In some subjects, he's way ahead of "grade level," and in one subject he's behind. This is ever-shifting private information. One of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is that he can learn at his own level and at his own speed without judgment. As long as we're making individualized progress, we're content.

- Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Memory Work

We intend to sporadically supplement our memory work by first beginning with a unit study on Native Americans (because you simply cannot begin American history with Columbus). If you're unfamiliar with CC, every year he'll review or learn 160 Timeline events, U.S. Presidents, 24 history sentences, 24 science questions and answers, 24 grammar definitions, Latin conjugations/declensions, multiplication tables through the 15's, math laws, squares, cubes, continents, countries, states, capitals, and physical geography features. We'll also use these resources:
- Bible: Concordia Publishing House's One in Christ

Workbooks break me out in hives, but I think he'll enjoy this. I may alternate it with handwriting if it gets to be too much. There's lots of cutting, gluing, and stickers, which he loves. Right now I envision doing Bible after breakfast and handwriting after lunch. I love CPH's materials, and this curriculum is perfect for homeschoolers because it's on a 4 day schedule (because you have chapel once a week at Lutheran schools). If you love The Story study by Zondervan or The Jesus Storybook Bible, you'll love this curriculum where every lesson points back to Jesus.

- Handwriting

We're going to try Handwriting Without Tears one more time. I'm going to buy the teacher's manual for this level to get some more tactile ideas. If this is a colossal disaster again, we'll try Kumon workbooks, A Reason for Handwriting, and free online resources. 

- All About Reading

We rarely use the letter tiles with this curriculum, and we never use the fluency practice, but we love everything else. We've used this curriculum in the past, and he loves the games and readers. I love the minimal prep time for me! I will oftentimes break up the longer lessons. For example, we'll play one game after breakfast, then read the story after lunch.

- Saxon-ish Math

We've completed a Saxon level and a Horizons workbook, but I thought about switching to Right Start. Saxon is my comfort zone, since that's what I used in K-12 private schools. My sainted mother-in-law gave me all the Saxon manipulatives for K-3. After reviewing Right Start's manipulatives, they look strikingly similar to the ones I already have. For now, I'm going to adapt Saxon Math by keeping the lessons short, focusing on the manipulatives, playing more games, and reading some Life of Fred in our Morning Basket. I read a lot of posts on the Simply Charlotte Mason message boards for suggestions. Let's be honest - I'm just counting down the days until he can start Teaching Textbooks on his own!

- Build Your Library

I wrote an entire post on how much I adore this affordable Charlotte Mason curriculum. I am so excited to take Dragon around the world this year as we study geography, literature, and animals. We will supplement this reading plan with:
  • Five in a Row
  • Give Your Child the World by Jamie C. Martin
  • Missionary Biographies from the Heroes for Young Readers series
  • National Geographic's Young Readers about animals for his monthly science "research" projects
In addition to all these riches, he'll enjoy P.E., art, and science at our co-op one day a week.

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