Angel Catcher, A Review

Do you like to scrapbook? Do you have a keepsake box of special cards, ticket stubs, or photographs? Do you sketch? This might be the book for you.

This book gently guides you through the grief process through guided journaling, sketching, and scrapbooking. The result is a slow way to honor your loved one through your own creativity. You feel like your hand is being held through the grieving process.

I have to be honest. I scrapbooked for years (before I found blogging), but I couldn't start this book. I gave it to my mother-in-law, who is quite crafty, and she couldn't start it either, after months of trying. In our opinion, this book might be better suited for the loss of a best friend, a sibling, a grandparent, maybe a parent. Immediate losses - someone like a spouse or child, someone under your roof - who is so intertwined with your every thought and breath, might be difficult to capture in this format, even if you are a creative spirit.

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