Royal Wedding Party Ideas

I have a French grandmother and an Irish grandmother, so obviously I rebelled and became an Anglophile. My French grandmother detested the British so much that she'd turn off the TV if she heard a British accent (which happens more often than you think). While I've traveled to France more than any other country, I chose to study abroad in London so I could steep myself in tea, palaces, and The Stone Roses. Instead of studying French, I chose Anglo-Saxon for my foreign language credit in Grad School. I did backpack across Ireland. And while I hope to take my children there one day, in my 20s I immediately rushed back to my little flat in The Strand, my old bookstores in Charing Cross, and my Cafe in the Crypt underneath St. Martin-in-the-Fields.

I actually took off work in 2011 for Prince William's Royal Wedding. No one else would play hooky with me, so I Skyped with my Mom. We drank tea, wore tiaras, and analyzed millinery. Why all the fuss for a wedding of two people you don't know? I think one of those ridiculous TLC specials summed it up very well. Second to JFK Jr. saluting his father's casket, those boys walking behind Princess Diana's casket is seared in everyone's memory. We want those princes to enjoy a happily ever after.

I am personally a fan of voting and non-inherited power, but I can see how it's good for tourism. Have fun with it, people!

Here are some of my best tips for throwing a Royal Wedding Watch Party:

1. Send a free invitation to your friends! Evite has actually designed a darling FREE invitation so you can organize your party. Have signups for scones, tea sandwiches, and champagne!

2. Scour Etsy for inexpensive decorations. These are some of my favorites:

3. Pick up tiaras at your local party or dollar store. Have ridiculous hats available for costume changes. 

4. I will be wearing my Kate Middle-toe novelty socks with my pjs! They also offer Queen socks! A friend found these at a cute local shop.

5. Keep up with your pop culture references with a FREE Royal Wedding Bingo game! This website also has a cute menu for a fancy tea. If you have serious royal watchers in attendance, my sainted mother-in-law gave me an official Royal Bingo game for my birthday.

6. For party favors or bingo prizes, I highly recommend these Queen "Like a Boss" Coasters for $12 on Etsy. You could also Amazon Prime it and have a Harry and Meghan coloring book or paper doll set - both under $10!

Pour some hot tea and bubbling mimosas, and enjoy watching this Grace Kelly love story unfold! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my little party!

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