Our Epiphany Traditions

To mark an end to the Christmas Season, we always try to celebrate Epiphany. If we're not careful, the build up of a spiritual Advent results in only a mass of wrapping paper and stuff on Christmas morning. This bookend helps keep our focus where it needs to be before we take down the tree. These three simple traditions help us mark the day with joy, intention, and service.

1. We eat an international meal.

This is the day the Gospel was first acknowledged by those outside the Jewish faith. The Magi, also mentioned in the book of Daniel, follow the star to honor the young Jesus.

We choose to celebrate this inclusion with international food. You could try a new restaurant or recipe. This year we are swamped, so we will be ordering Chinese take out!

2. We read a picture book about Epiphany.

There are some great book suggestions on Elizabeth Foss's website. You could also listen to some of her ideas on Read-Aloud Revival's podcast, Episode 36.

3. We complete an international service project.

You could take this in many directions. You could make school kits or a quilt. You could volunteer your time at a local immigrant or refugee mission (Ann Voskamp has a list here). Again, we are quite busy this weekend, so we'll be packing a virtual shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. Our son loves swiping specific toys to go in his box. These boxes are quite special because they only go to "closed" countries.

If you're looking for other Epiphany traditions, Peanut Butter and Grace has 6 great ideas. This PDF file from Baylor University includes a beautiful prayer.

Blessings on your Epiphany!

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