Ordering Our Affections: Advent

Have you ever tried to build a Morning Basket for yourself? What if you could find Scripture, art, hymns, poetry, and movement in one little seasonal {and beautiful} book? Jennifer Mackintosh and others have written about their rotating book baskets. Their ideas truly inspire me, but with a nonstop Kindergartener, a two year-old in diapers, and one more on the way, the reality of my collecting the true, the good, and the beautiful in one place is unlikely.

This led to my inspiration for Ordering Our Affections.

Ordering Our Affections: Advent is a 25 day study that gives you a permission slip to experience silence, art, hymns, and poetry in a few precious minutes. Each day you will read approximately 10 verses of Scripture in a Lectio Divina style. Then, you will build upon your meditation with a multi-sensory meditation, which is a fancy way of saying I've provided you with a poem to read, a painting to admire, or a hymn to experience. In this book, I also provide tips and suggestions for ways to use all 5 senses in these short devotions.

In classical education circles, there is always talk of "reclaiming our education." In Charlotte Mason groups, Morning Time is the buzz word of the day. I've pulled on both of these elements to help you experience some Mother Culture in your quiet time. This will fill you up so that you are better equipped to pour yourselves out for others.

Do you have to start this devotional on December 1st?

Absolutely not. Because this is an Advent devotional, not a Jesse Tree or Christmas experience, a lot of our readings will be meditating on Christ's 2nd coming. And if you start late, the readings could always be completed during the quiet season of Epiphany when the kids are busy with their new toys. Liturgically, the Christmas season doesn't end until January 6th. And in some older traditions it was technically celebrated until Candlemas - February 2nd. All that to say, you've got time! :)

Can I include my family in these readings?

Of course! My personal intention was to use this resource in my quiet time, but Ordering Our Affections could be used for your family Morning Time/Circle Time/Morning Basket/Symposium. Under the "My Books" tab above I've also included some free resources for Scripture memorization that can be placed on your fridge, dashboard, bathroom mirror, or school room wall.

It is my sincere prayer that this holistic, multi-sensory study fills up your mind, body, and spirit. I pray that you will experience our Savior in a new way. I pray that you will find quietness to meditate on His Word.

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