Mid-Year Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Review

We started Kindergarten in July, and we've stayed pretty much on track. We've endured/enjoyed an unexpected move and pregnancy! Because of the new baby, our end-of-the-year timeline has been bumped up to April before baby brother arrives.

You can read why I chose this particular curriculum in an earlier post.

Handwriting Without Tears

Finally, this curriculum is living up to its name. He completes one page a day after breakfast, and we're seeing some progress in his pencil grip, patience, etc.

Saxon-ish Math

Since Dragon has turned a corner in handwriting, these pages are such a joy for him. The Horizons workbook pages were too busy for him. I tear out one page of the Saxon workbook and place it on a clipboard. He completes it every day after lunch. Once a week we'll complete the adjoining activity with linking cubes, counting bears, etc. Most of these activities seem redundant, so we don't bother. He loves completing the calendar/weather book during breakfast!

All About Reading

We only complete 1 or 2 lessons a week, and we're still going to finish earlier than I'd expected. Most of the material is review for him, but once a month we'll come across a rule like "the Bossy R" that helps him understand the "Why" behind what he's reading. He loves the frog stickers, readers, and tactile games. I've stopped using the review sentences, flashcards, and letter tiles. I can see how those might be beneficial for a future child, but he's not interested.

Build Your Library

We are loving this reading schedule! So far, we've completed North America, South America, and Europe. We're on track to finish Africa before Christmas. In lieu of the cookbook, we've been making a point to go to restaurants from each culture. This often also provides the opportunity to meet people. Also, because of first trimester sickness, we haven't completed many of the crafts. The passport project has easily been our favorite. It adds such finality to our Unit. You can read my detailed review of this curriculum here.

Classical Conversations

We're still chugging through Cycle 3, but we're about to come to a halt. I'm going to significantly edit CC Memory Work since most of it is pretty dark for a Kindergartener. We are not a part of a CC Community, so I'm going to make a change before we start 1st grade in July. Since we're about to start a 4 year history cycle with Story of the World (as mapped out by Build Your Library), I'm considering switching to Claritas Classical Christian Memory Work. It's on the same 4 year cycle as Story of the World, but it also adds Scripture and hymn memory work. Each year is a 28 week cycle instead of 24, so you definitely get more bang for your buck. Also, every single piece of memory work has a song (all recorded by the lovely Beth Fox). My kids glaze over after the CC history sentence song. For our family, more songs would be a better fit. I'll still use the CC Timeline cards and song, but it makes sense to switch to Claritas now. 

CPH's One in Christ

I only purchased the Student Workbooks because the Teacher's Guide was around $300. You have to buy the entire kit. Anyway, he enjoys reading the stories, but the activities are hit or miss because we have no explanation for how to complete them. We finally gave up and read through The Jesus Storybook Bible again. I really want this curriculum to work, but it may be a better fit when they move to more traditional workbooks in Grade 3.

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I hope to post a final curriculum review in early April before the stork arrives!

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