My Favorite Homeschool YouTube Channels

Brave Writer

I found Julie Bogart through YouTube. She raised 5 well-traveled & well-educated homeschool graduates. She has so much wisdom to share, but she does it with an encouraging smile. I love her focus on RELATIONSHIP first. As I know all to well, neither we nor our children are guaranteed tomorrow. I want my kids to have a happy life right now as they learn & grow. I want to give them an enchanted childhood like my parents gave me.

Homeschool on the Hill

Great monthly book recommendations from a literature-based homeschool. She has 3 older boys, so I like her perspective.

Full Time Wife Life

Babies, books, and great tips in her monthly "Homeschool Favorites" posts. She seems so sweet.

This Gathered Nest - 

This vlog's got all my favorites wrapped into one: adoption, homeschooling, faith, and babies! Add in magical lighting, and I'm sold. I know way more about this family than feels normal. The only question, as we await the arrival of her twin girls, is when are they getting a show on TLC?

Grace and Grit

Since I almost always watch these vlogs on the treadmill, this encouragement from a certified personal trainer & homeschool mom hits the spot...when I'm exhausted at the end of the day and would really rather crawl in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a mountain of Reese's peanut butter cups.

ARRRGH! Schooling

While stalking researching the Build Your Library Curriculum, I stumbled upon the creator's YouTube channel. She has at least two monthly updates on what's she reading as well as monthly morning basket posts, which gave me the idea for our monthly morning basket updates on Instagram.

A quick shout out to other channels I frequent on the treadmill - A Farmhouse Full, Heather Torres, A Common Life, Pepper and Pine, and Jamie Erickson.

As someone who spends her days in yoga pants and no make-up, I think these women are so brave. As a new homeschooling mom, I'm so thankful they were willing to give me a glimpse into what this life could look like.

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