Why We Chose Build Your Library's Kindergarten Curriculum

I work part-time, so I need a road map for our homeschooling day. We wanted a literature-based curriculum, but Sonlight overwhelmed me and Ambleside Online left me convulsing in the fetal position. Again, I teach, I write, and I'm a new homeschooler. My son and I are Type A overachievers, and we'd both be studying Algebra and Physics if left to our own devices. I'm so thankful I found Charlotte Mason early in my homeschooling journey to keep my inner Tiger Mom in check. I craved a gentle Charlotte Mason introduction to school, and I wanted to create a global perspective from the very beginning.

This led us to Build Your Library. There are so many reasons we love this curriculum:

1. It's Global - We are homeschooling to show our children more of the world, not shelter them from it. We have a multiracial and multicultural family. Our Thanksgiving table looks like a meeting of the United Nations, and like our country, it's growing more diverse every year. My husband and I have traveled to over 25 countries, and we hope our children will do likewise.

2. It's Modern - The Ambleside titles are bit boring. I cannot stand the snobbery of Charlotte Mason purists who think for a book to be good, it must be published before 1950. That's rubbish. We are living in a Golden Age of children's literature. There are so many delightful, outstanding, wondrous books that have been published in just the last 10 years. BYL seamlessly incorporates many of those titles.

3. It's a Long-Term Plan - I adore the idea of starting global in Kindergarten before beginning Story of the World in 1st grade. I can definitely see us using BYL for 1st-4th grade because she helps map out Story of the World.

4. It's Affordable - At only $25, I won't be anxious about "not getting our money's worth" if we adjust the reading plan. We are skipping the vast majority of the crafts, and we're expanding the study on animals. We'll probably use the library for the books that aren't spines.

Don't let the "secular" scare you. I can just imagine many of my friends clicking on her link and immediately closing it out because they see the word "secular." There is nothing in these texts that are anti-Christian. None of these texts are hostile toward people of faith. We're supplementing the international texts with missionary biographies, and I could see us using Apologia in the future to supplement her choices for science.

While I can see us moving to a curriculum like Sonlight in the future, I'm so excited to try Build Your Library. (As a side note, BYL's creator's YouTube channel, Arrrrgh! Schooling, is charming.)

There's a great blog review at Some Random Lady and a thorough YouTube description of the curriculum at Crazy Busy Family Life.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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