A Beautiful PK4 Morning Basket

My son loves to "play school." Since he's still in PK4, I offer every day, and if he wants to, we play school. I peg our learning around mealtimes, so hands are busy and mouths are full. We keep a basket of goodies on the dining room table, and we'll "work" during our meals. This can sometimes take place in the kitchen floor during baby sister's naptime or on the couch with the baby, too.

- We begin with a Bible story. The Rhyme Bible StorybookThe Jesus Storybook Bible, or The Story for Little Ones are favorites. We read through the entire Bible, then start the next one. 

- We practice singing one hymn a month from the beautiful My First Hymnal.

- Then we have calendar time and a manipulative math lesson with Saxon K. He adores these hands-on activities! Later in the year I started adding a page or two from a Horizons workbook to improve his handwriting skills.

- We review our CC Memory Work one time. Sometimes I'll pop in the CD. Sometimes we'll play a game, but movement is always involved. Memory work is an addition from last year's "school time" or morning basket.

- We complete 1/3 of an All About Reading 1 lesson. The AAR lessons are so long for his age that we have to break them up so we either play the game or review the flashcards or read the story. If he's not in the mood, I'll ask him to read Dr. Seuss, Mo Willems, or some BOB books. 

- Confession: This last part is purely for Mama's sanity. Even though he's tiny, you're never too young for some truth, beauty, and goodness. We'll work through an artist's Picture Study from Simply Charlotte Mason (See my review here), or we'll focus on a composer. He loves the Beethoven's Wig CDs and the Mike Venezia composer picture books. I heard Sarah Mackenzie say that she alternates between artist and composer studies, so we do the same to save my sanity. We spend 6-8 weeks on an artist followed by 3-4 weeks on a composer.   

As I mentioned in my PK3 post, you can also think of this time as a Preschool Morning Basket. For more ideas, check out this podcast with Celeste Cruz, Charlotte Mason homeschooling mama of 8, runner, and blogger.

Picture Source: Pixabay

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