Simply Charlotte Mason's Picture Study in Preschool

Feeding and nourishing my soul is an important part of homeschooling. I love art history, and I want to pass my enthusiasm on to my children. The best resource I've found so far is Simply Charlotte Mason's Picture Study. The large prints are beautiful.

Here's how it works in our homeschool with littles. We study one artist for 6-8 weeks straight, then we'll study a composer for 4-6 weeks. I'll begin by reading a few pictures books about the artist, then we choose one painting a week to study. It stays on our fridge for the entire week.

During our Morning Basket time, I'll read some picture books about the artist. On other days I'll ask him to go to the fridge, and complete one of the following tasks.

- Count the people.
- Count the circles, squares, or triangles.
- Identify the OiLS (circles, straight lines, dots, angles, and squiggly lines).
- Identify the colors.
- Act out the different poses.
- "Read" through a collection of the artist's work in one of those large coffee table books.
- Ask him what time of day it is in the picture (This idea came from Emily Kiser's interview on Pam Barnhill's Your Morning Basket podcast.)

At the end of the 6-8 weeks or sometimes at the midway point, I'll ask him to sort the pictures by colors, shapes, or people. Finally, we'll conclude our Unit by displaying all of the pictures around the house to make a "museum," and everyone in the family will choose their favorite and explain why they made their choice.

So far, we've completed Michelangelo, Giotto, and Van Gogh. I look forward to Rembrandt and Monet in our near future. As he gets older, we'll add a "Picture Talk" at the end of each week. The discussion questions in the teacher's manual look thought-provoking.

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