My Favorite Homeschool Podcasts

If you ever see me on a treadmill, this is what's rocking my earbuds:

Read Aloud Revival - I never miss these! These are 40-60 minute chats with the bouncy Sarah Mackenzie and scholars, authors, illustrators, moms, etc. I even include these podcasts as extra credit opportunities in my Children's Literature course. I ask them to write a response with what they learned about the importance of reading aloud as well as practical take-away's they can implement in their classrooms or homes. I always leave with book recommendations. Her musical breaks are perfectly timed, and the sound quality is excellent. I'm not a fan of her Let the Kids Speak segment, but it's at the very end so it's easy to skip. An hour well spent.

Your Morning Basket - Pam Barnhill interviews a variety of people to share great ideas for including truth, beauty, and goodness in our morning time. Since I have teeny tiny kids, Morning Time is the extent of our school time. I always leave these 30 minute chats with clever ideas!

The Mason Jar on the Circe Institute - I skip the Q&A episodes, but the others have all been packed full of great ideas for how to implement Charlotte Mason's methods in a classical context. These are almost an hour long. Don't we all want to be Cindy Rollins when we grow-up?

Homeschool Snapshots - Pam Barnhill is the Oprah of the homeschool world. She asks the best interview questions. I love these sneak peeks into homeschoolers' lives all around the world. Lovely 30 minute chats!

Schole Sisters - Long esoteric chats about teaching from rest and classical education. These are great, but I wouldn't recommend them for a relaxing bubble bath. You'll want to think, take notes, and talk about what you learned with your smartest girlfriend. So good!

At Home with Sally - These encouraging talks with Sally Clarkson and Kristin Kill vary from 30-45 minutes. I so want to curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea every time I listen. They always end by praying over you. So beautiful.

The Homeschool Sisters - Sooooooo funny and honest. I love them!

At Home - Winners of the best theme song, hands down. Delightful chats with a group of homeschooling moms.

A Brave Writer's Life with Julie Bogart - Who doesn't want her as a best friend? Her YouTube channel has gotten me through some tough days. I love that she uses affirming therapy language because homeschooling is first and foremost about relationships.

Star Talk - Okay, so this is not a homeschool podcast, but the wonder junkie in me still loves it! It's so funny and smart. I learn something every time I listen. You can find filmed episodes on NatGeoTV. It's a favorite in our house!

I hope you'll give all of these broadcasts a listen!

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