A Beautiful PK3 Morning Basket

Priorities for preschoolers in our house - reading aloud (We keep stacks and stacks of books in every room. I start reading pictures to my kids when they're old enough to sit in a high chair.) and playing outside. However, I want to place a feast in front of my kids, and I need to feed my own soul, too. This is how it looks with our 3 year-old.
First, I ask Dragon if he wants to play school. If he's not interested, we build with play-doh or duplo blocks. I'll put on a classical CD, and call it a day. He's still learning! He's only 3, so don't push it.
"Playing school" looks like this: Dragon chooses a book - any book. This can take awhile as there are stacks in every room! Then, we sit down to read his book and a Bible Story. Our favorites are The Rhyme Bible Storybook, The Story for Little Ones, or The Jesus Storybook Bible. We like these because they are a short enough for a lesson a day, and we can fluidly go through the Bible and see how every story points to Jesus.
Then, we might complete 1/3 of a lesson from All About Reading, or we might read a BOB Book. Then, we might practice tracing letter tracing through either a Kumon workbook or My First School Book.
Halfway through PK3, I added in Saxon K manipulatives. This program is perfect for preschoolers because you can introduce the basics of calendar study, and there's really no written work. It's all teddy bears and shape tiles. This is his favorite part of "school."
Finally, I'll add an artist or composer study. This is purely and selfishly just for me. I'm not planning on him getting anything out of it. Some days I just need some truth and beauty. So if he's not too wiggly, I'll pull out a picture from a Simply Charlotte Mason's portrait study, read an artist or composer biography, or play some classical music (Beethoven's Wig or Classical Kids).
If at any time he gets bored, we stop. That's fine. Keep it light. Keep it fun. Stay sane!
Another way to think about this time is a Preschool Morning Basket. For more ideas, check out this great podcast with Celeste Cruz, Charlotte Mason homeschooling mother of 8, runner, and blogger.

Image Credit - Pixabay

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