"Teach Children Creative Generosity"

Whether you're a homeschool Mom, a Christian school teacher, or a Sunday School teacher, World Vision has a free Christmas curriculum just for you! This four week Christmas curriculum includes great videos of kids around the world, coloring worksheets, read-alouds, and simple discussions. It's a wonderful way to celebrate Advent and prepare your little one's hearts for Christmas.
Ann Voskamp eloquently writes about involving her children in choosing gifts for their brothers and sisters around the world and how it leads to more grateful children at Christmas. This curriculum is a great way to begin those conversations in your family and at your church. Perhaps tuck a few of these catalogs under the tree this year? What a miracle it would be if our children would rise up and choose to feed and clothe their neighbor instead of coveting yet another plastic toy that will get lost in the pile before Epiphany.
Lead on, parents. Lead on.

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