Healing a Parent's Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas, A Review

This book is part of a series of "Practical Guides" for grieving published by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. He has editions for friends, spouses, grandparents, siblings, teens, and children. There are also specific editions for stillbirth, natural disaster, cancer, and Alzheimer's. You can find out more at Center for Loss or a title search on Amazon.

I'm a practical kind of girl, so this way right up my alley, if for know other reason than I felt like I was progressing in my grief if I had a checklist. While this was an illusion, it certainly helped at the time.

Wolfelt gives emotional and physical ideas, and each of his 100 practical ideas has a "Carpe Diem" action point at the bottom of the page. For example, there are entries on knowing it's okay to feel angry, selfish, and alone. There are also practical entries on how to write a letter to the deceased or to God. I love a good writing prompt! There is also a suggestion to wear a physical object of mourning - a locket, an armband, or other symbol - like the Victorians. If you're not able to talk about your grief, these objects are an easy way to let others in your workplace, church, and community that you still need their support.

Everyone in our family has read and benefited from this book, especially the grandparents. I highly recommend it. Wolfelt's website is a great one to keep in mind when searching for something specific. All of the entries are short and bullet-pointed, so these books are great for "non-readers" as well.

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