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Classical Conversations Morning Basket

It is very easy to go broke while preparing a Morning Basket. After all, seasons change, and so should everything in your basket! History cycles move forward; therefore, you need all new things in your basket!

I'm so tempted to buy all.the.things to incorporate more truth, beauty, and goodness into our homeschool day. This is the meat. This time together as a family is why we homeschool. If it's the most important thing, why does it get pushed aside? It's easy to get overwhelmed during a busy school year, especially when you're in a strenuous co-op like CC.

This led me to really ponder: Is it possible to create an affordable Morning Basket for Classical Conversations?


I've created a 3 year reading plan that aligns with your CC memory work! You will purchase 4 beautiful books, and you'll have enough to fill this precious family time for 3 years! I've included:

~ Thoughtful Devotionals

~ Artist Study

~ Composer Study

~ Poetry

~ Nature Study

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